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  • "I've recently registered but I can't access any Member's content"

New members require approval from an administrator before full access is available. This can take up to 2 weeks to happen, if you'd like to query this please email

  • "I used to be registered with the old version of but I let my membership expire"

 In this instance unfortunately your membership details have been removed and you will need to re-register. Please visit the REGISTRATION page to apply for new Abwak Membership. For further assistance please email

  • "I'm registered on this site as a Biaza Member but can't access certain content"

Biaza Membership on is available to existing members of the BIZAZ organisation. Biaza Memberships only have access to Animal Husbandry Guidelines. If you would like to apply for full membership please visit the REGISTRATION page to upgrade your Abwak Membership type. For further assistance please email