Want to join ABWAK? Here's how.....

Membership of the Association is open to those directly involved in the field of wild animal husbandry and those working towards careers in this field.

Members must support the aims and objectives of the Association and comply with its Constitution and Byelaws.

Membership fees paid to ABWAK are tax deductible for all professional animal keepers, and also for those whose employment is related to the objects of the Association. Membership of the Association is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and this Committee reserves the right to refuse membership. Members are also governed by the Constitution and Byelaws and the Executive may use its powers to expel members if appropriate.

All memberships and subscriptions are valid for a period of 12 months starting from the date your fees are paid.

Membership Benefits

Members of the Association receive:

  • The journal RATEL four times a year
  • Full access to the Members' Area on our website containing loads of information on animal husbandry, training and enrichment, and back issues of Ratel
  • Discounts on registration for the ABWAK Symposium and workshops
  • Discounts on selected ABWAK merchandise and publications
  • Access to BIAZA members' area
  • Opportunity to apply for grants for travel, work experience, interview expenses, husbandry, enrichment and conservation projects
  • To be part of a professional organisation for zookeepers
  • Opportunity to network with fellow keepers and share ideas and knowledge
  • Discounts on courses and events run by external organisers

Which Membership is right for YOU?

See below for membership categories and details of eligibility.