The ABWAK Council

ABWAK is managed and run by an elected Council in accordance with its Constitution and Byelaws. Council members are elected for a term of 3 years, and are eligible for re-election. Any Professional Member of the Association can be nominated for Council and all Professional Members may vote in elections. Council members serve as individuals not as representatives of their employing institutions.

ABWAK Council appoints a Chair and other office holders, some of whom form the Executive Committee.

The current ABWAK Council members are:





Stephen Woolard

Co Chair & Editor

Twycross Zoo



Co Chair & Symposium Secretary






Nick Davis

Vice Chair

Chester Zoo


Richard Barnett

Honorary Treasurer






Lucy Manning

Website & Workshop Co-ordinator

Chester Zoo


Mairee Vincent







Vicky Snook

Ambassador Coordinator

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park


Terri Hill

Membership Secretary

Private Keeper





Andy Moore

Ratel Sub-Editor

Colchester Zoo


Yianna Cooling

ICZ Representative

Twycross Zoo





Tim Morphew

BIAZA Liaison

Folly Farm