Ratel provides an excellent opportunity for sharing information, research projects, latest developments, enrichment techniques and general husbandry, with those involved in wild animal keeping.

Ratel Journal

Ratel is ABWAK's quarterly journal (free to members). Ratel is published four times a year: March, June, September and December.  See Rhino and Hand Rearing articles to give a flavour of previous items published.


Write for Ratel

Contributions and feedback are always welcome from members and non-members so please send us articles, letters, comments; anything you think will be of interest to other keepers. We accept articles throughout the year, the publication deadlines are: 23rd January, 23rd April, 23rd July and 23rd October. We try to publish material as soon after it is received as possible.


Ratel is published in full colour throughout and we welcome photographs with articles and submissions of photographs for the front cover.


All material sent for publication must be your own work (tell us if it has been published before). We reserve the right to edit your material and the copyright of articles will become that of ABWAK.

We encourage all keepers to submit material for publication in Ratel to enhance the knowledge and skills of everyone and support our objectives, as well as provide opportunity for individuals to get published. The editor can assist those whose writing skills need development. We would rather articles are submitted that need editing than not at all.


Look at past issues of Ratel to see the range and type of articles we have previously published.

All material should be sent to the editor, Gareth Richardson, email editor@abwak.org


Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the Editor of ABWAK.


Advertising: Full, half and quarter page advertising space is available - contact the Editor for rates.

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