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Dec 21, 2017

Animal Collection Manager

Broughills Aviaries

Hiring: Animal Collection Manager - Private Collection


Required to start as soon as possible, animal collection manager full time position (predominantly aviary work with regular tasks in livestock and pet care) in a welcoming and expanding private collection based in the scenic hills of Wicklow, very close to national park territory and located an hour from central Dublin.

Shared, basic Accommodation provided

Payment can be discussed during application, salary yearly €22,000-25,000 +bonuses depending on qualification

Qualifications required:

  • ·         Experience in breeding galli forms, finches and soft bills, parrots and parakeets
  • ·         Experience in setting up appropriate environment
  • ·         Developing a collection
  • ·         Setting up feeding and maintenance schedules
  • ·         Basic knowledge in design and build of aviaries
  • ·         Knowledge of a variety of avian species, including daily husbandry requirements and breeding essentials
  • ·         Willing to help out
  • ·         Responsibility towards the role
  • ·         Team player
  • ·         Working off and developing a budget
  • ·         Must be flexible in the job
  • ·         Interest in conservation work
  • ·         Willing to develop own ideas
  • ·         Be open minded about animals
  • ·         Basic computer skills
  • ·         Be willing to travel 
  • ·         Full drivers licence
  • ·         Bird AI experience would be of advantage
  • ·         Ability to liaise in a professional manner with facility owners, staff and guests.
  • ·         Project management experience
  • ·         Physically fit
  • ·         Previous facility management experience

Job Description:

  • ·         Maintaining the collection developed to date
  • ·         Feeding and cleaning on a daily basis
  • ·         Other general housekeeping
  • ·         Market research
  • ·         Building contacts in the area in Ireland and overseas
  • ·         Organising sells
  • ·         Conservation work as a major part of the role

This grass roots facility is expanding rapidly and requires an upbeat, motivated and passionate leader to drive it forward towards the desired projects the facility is capable of. With an open future, this is a great time for someone to step in and be part of a foundation development with endless possibilities for learning, growth and expansion.

Currently our collection holds over 400 animals through a wide variety of pheasants, grouse, parrots, soft-bills, finches and poultry but it subject to expand as possibilities avail.

Irish contract and working laws apply, but flexibility required as per the animals needs/emergencies.

Current manager recommends and only leaving due to family health issues.

Please submit CV's to [email protected]