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Sep 4, 2017

Launching the new Live your Legacy Grant

Generously provided by Dr Lesley Dickie and Professor David Field

Calling all ABWAK members!

The opportunity you’ve been waiting for is here - the opportunity to ‘Live your Legacy'.

The ABWAK council together with Professor David Field and Dr Lesley Dickie invite you to apply for the ‘Live your Legacy’ grant.  This is a grant of up to £1000 to be used to aid any conservation linked project, charity or campaign that you feel passionate about.

It could be a project you’ve always wanted to be part of but never been in a financial position to help.  It could be a conservation effort you are already part of but you want to do more.  You might wish to fund a research opportunity on an under-represented species, to support an education project or to help protect ecosystems.  It could even be an initiative you want to set up here in the UK. 

Whatever it is you could be eligible to apply.  This is your chance to make a difference to a conservation effort and potentially, to your life.  

For more details about the grant and about eligibility, go to the members’ area of the website  - ABWAK Grants

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The deadline for applications is 31st October and successful candidate(s) will be informed by 1st December.

The grant is funded personally by Professor David Field and Dr Lesley Dickie and awarded and administrated by ABWAK.  This opportunity is available to all ABWAK members who above been members for over 6 months. 

Application forms, including terms and conditions are also available in the members’ area of the website  - ABWAK Grants