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ZSL Workshop

Event Abstract

In 2020, in response to financial constraints due to the pandemic, the animal department investigated ways in which costs could be reduced. It was decided to investigate in-house production of live food to meet the collections’ needs. We started work with the focus on improving our current conditions of housing to increase our welfare of black crickets G. bimaculatus once established we redirected our focus on growth in population and production of black crickets.

In this workshop we will discuss the highs, the lows, the different challenges faced with establishing zoo wide in house live food production with ZSL London’s live food project. We will compare welfare and cost linked to inhouse and external produced live food. We will discuss all the benefits we have seen throughout our 2 years of production, including our cost and waste reduction and the fundamental aspects of the production like housing cost and feeding needs. This workshop will involve a practical tour of our facilities with a practical building exercise where delegates will get the opportunity to build live food homes with everyday material that can be found on site to help keep cost low without reducing welfare. We look forward to encouraging and promoting other collections across the UK to improve established in house live food production and welfare.

PLEASE NOTE - this workshop is not being run by ABWAK and tickets are not on sale through our website.

Contact the workshop organiser shown on the poster for more information, and ticket sales can be found by following this link:

Live Food In Zoos Workshop Tickets | Friday 24 March 2023 : 8.30am - 5pm (seetickets.com)