Large Animal Rescue Workshop, Chessington Hotel, 30 January 2020

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Large Animal Rescue Workshop

Any practicing animal manager or zoo keeper will be familiar with situations where animals have become caught or stuck; situations that are unforeseen and for which there is no contingency plan. This 1 day workshop run by Hampshire Fire and Rescue and hosted by Chessington World of Adventures Resort seeks to prepare keepers for those unexpected situations by outlining the principles of large animal rescue and the coordination of stock during non-routine scenarios. Using class-room based theory combined with practical demonstrations, it will equip zoo personnel with the skills and knowledge to work safely as members of an AR2 animal rescue team, able to operate within the inner cordon and perform standard animal rescue techniques utilising veterinary-approved animal rescue methods and equipment. This course is ideal for keepers, section supervisors, curators and anyone with practical involvement in the management of zoo animals as well as zoo health-and-safety personnel, zoo veterinarians and vet nurses. 

BIAZA & ABWAK members: £60, Non- members: £80

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