Wolf Keepers' Workshop

ABWAK Wolf Keepers' Workshop

In partnership with BIAZA Certified Training 

Hosted by Wildwood Escot

Tuesday 1st May 2018

ABWAK are excited to bring to you our first workshop for wolf keepers!  A one day workshop with discussions, practical sessions and presentationson on specialist areas of wolf husbandry, including:

  • breeding groups
  • enrichment
  • geriatric care
  • managing wolves in mixed exhibits
  • communication
  • behind the scenes tour with training demo

Plus, optional social events available on Monday and Tuesday evenings!  

For further information or contact Hannah Slaney, [email protected] 

£20 for members (including BIAZA members), £40 for non members - price includes lunch and refreshments. 


Please complete the registration form and send to Hannah Slaney, [email protected]

If you elect to use our online payment system, you MUST complete the relevant registration form, including your Paypal confirmation number, and send it to the contact named on the form. Otherwise we will not know what your payment is for and your place on the workshop will not be reserved.

hosted by Blackpool Zoo - 15th June

Hosted by Wildwood Escot - 1st May 2018

Hosted by Chessington World of Adventures Resort - Saturday 19th May 2018