Rhino Keepers' Workshop

ABWAK 2 day Rhino Keepers' Workshop

Hosted by Fota Wildlife Park

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018


ABWAK bring you a 2 day workshop for keepers of all rhino species.  There will be a range of talks, as well as discussions and practical sessions.

  • tour of host's facilities
  • training demonstration with their greater one-horned rhinos
  • practical session making enrichment
  • body scoring practice

Optional evening event on Saturday of bowling and pub meal.  Please tick the box on the registration form if you wish to attend.  Pay for what you purchase on the night.

Workshop registration: £40 ABWAK members, non-members very welcome, £80. Price includes lunch and refreshments.  Don’t forget, if you are an ABWAK member, you can apply for a grant to help fund your attendance to this workshop.  


Note for BIAZA members: this workshop is undergoing the certification process.  If it gains BIAZA certification, their members will also be eligible to pay the reduced members price of £40.  You are advised to await the outcome of this process before booking.  ABWAK will not refund the difference if you choose to book earlier at the higher price.  



Please complete the registration form and send to Vicky Snook - [email protected]

If you elect to use our online payment system, you MUST complete the relevant registration form, including your Paypal confirmation number, and send it to the contact named on the form. Otherwise we will not know what your payment is for and your place on the workshop will not be reserved.

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