ABWAK Resource Centre

When you become a member of ABWAK you will receive log in details to gain access to our web Resource Centre which is designed to share and provide information on the keeping and conservation of wild animals. This area contains husbandry guidelines for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish; information, photos, guides and videos on animal enrichment, training and handling; plus back issues of Ratel journal.

Just a few of the documents available in our Resource Centre are:

Husbandry Guidelines:

  • Alpine Newt 2010
  • Fruit Bat 2000
  • Andean Condor 2010
  • Plains Rat 2006
  • Crane Nutrition 2000
  • Radiated Tortoise 1998
  • African Lion 2009
  • Princess Parrot 2009
  • Blue Ringed Octopus 2005
  • Hog Deer 2008
  • White Handed Gibbon 2010
  • Anolis Lizards 2011

Enrichment Construction Guides:

  • Bamboo Feeder
  • Mirror Ball
  • Sea Lion Bone
  • Big Cat Spring

Training Videos:

  • Elephant Hoof Trimming
  • Parrot Training
  • Otter Training
  • Crocodile Crate Training




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